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Snake Avoidance


Avoid 3-putting! The first golfer to 3-putt gets 'the Snakes'. When another golfer in the group 3-putts, the Snakes pass to them. The Snakes pass every time someone 3-putts throughout the round.

At the end of the round, the golfer holding the Snakes - last in the group to 3-putt - picks up the tab for the first round of refreshments in the clubhouse.

No matter how good or bad you've played, the last hole always matters when you play the Snakes - do your best to avoid a long 'snakey' putt on the 18th!


Eagle Eyed

You're on the tee of a driveable par 4, or about to play your second shot into a reachable par know the options here.


Are you Eagle Eyed? High on confidence? Or thinking your round can't get any worse so why not give it a shot? Either way you're going for it!


Golfers that aren't Eagle Eyed are happy laying up for safety and accepting the disapproving remarks from their playing partners...


Still Ewe

In golf the player furthest from the hole plays first. If you get to the green and it's you to go first, you better make sure you hit that shot so you get closer than all of your playing partners.

Otherwise when your playing partner asks who is up next - the answer is 'Still Ewe'! or 'Dead Sheep' for those with a more wicked sense of humour ...

A particularly effective way to get under your opponent's skin in matchplay format!

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