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Brighten Up Your Game

We are three childhood friends and golf enthusiasts who want to challenge the image of golf as being only for aloof middle aged men in chinos and knitted jumpers.  Having grown up together in Scotland, we think golf is awesome and we're on a mission to make golf accessories that make us smile and represent the fun we have playing golf.

Alex solo.jpeg

Alex ("Taylinho")

Handicap: 0

Is Clutch at... hitting pin seeking drivers off the deck, more comfortable with driver in his hand than sand wedge


Fraser ("Fraz")

Handicap: 9

Is Clutch at... getting it up and down from places that commentators say "you really don't want to miss it there"

Harry solo.jpeg

Harry ("Chatters")

Handicap: 15

Is Clutch at... hitting a low stinger 3-iron that gets the handicap committee raising their eyebrows

Growing the Game

We are committed to growing the game at a grassroots level and are passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to experience golf and the benefits that it has to offer. 


That's why we donate 5% of our profits to the Golf Foundation to help introduce golf to children from all backgrounds.


Find out more at:

Golf Sixes Goodwood (boy in yellow).JPG
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